Through Simplify Reality, you can expedite your customer requests while upselling your services without endless wait times. Our custom-built solution allows you to keep the conversation going with your customers even after they've left the concession stand.

Simplify Reality’s AI based Food & Beverage Pre-Ordering Software For Stadiums, Arenas, Theaters and Live Event Venues


20-30% Increase in Orders

Our solution makes ordering a piece of cake, or in this case a bag of popcorn! Through Simplify Reality, your customers no longer have to leave their seats to order concessions; they simply pull out their phones and send their order details via text to our AI.

  • Streamline F&B ordering, Improve guest experience
  • Guests pre-order food, beverages, merch-Spend more time in seats and less time in line
  • Increased orders = increased revenue AND profit per order
  • No App Downloads - No Logins or Registrations
  • No Wifi or Internet? Order via SMS Message instead
  • No additional hardware required - Integrates with existing POS software's API
  • Want to remind your customers that it’s the last call for drinks? We can do that with our SMS promotion feature
  • Our AI also helps venues support Social Distancing mitigating the extended wait time in long lines

Leave Your Customers Wanting More

Want to remind your customers that it’s the last call for drinks? We can do that! Our AI captures key insights into your customer’s preferences, differentiating high potential leads, which in turn allows you to cater to their needs with cross-selling opportunities.

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