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SR Reviews: Light Beers


While the popularity of complex flavors in craft beers has catapulted to a new apex, light beers still rein supreme on most college campuses.Light beer is appealing to college student for three obvious reasons: they are cheap, less filling than craft beers, and are offered in large quantities (30 and 36 racks).

But which light beer is best for you?

The February 2012 edition of Consumer Reports reveals the results of a beer-tasting event that was conducted by a panel of “unnamed experts.” According to the experts were asked to analyze eight-top selling regular and light beers plus two store brands.

The late December 2011 Consumer Reports sneak-peak press release states,

When it comes to choosing a beer, taste may be the most important factor to consider, but Consumer Reports tests found that consumers should also keep the following in mind:

Light beer has 20 to 50 less calories per serving due to lower carbs and slightly less alcohol, but no tested light scored high enough to be very good.  Miller Lite, which had more flavor and is a little fruiter than most, was best of the bunch; Corona Light, a bitter brew with traces of tinny and sulfury off-notes was the worst.

Corona Light costs far more than the higher-rated Miller Lite; and Corona Extra costs about twice as much as three better beers – Name Tag, Big Flats and Miller High Life.

Consumer Reports tasted beer from cans, which do a better job than bottles in keeping sunlight, beer’s nemesis, from getting inside.  Light can react with beer within weeks or even days to create compounds similar to those a skunk uses to defend itself.

Keep in mind that the experts only analyzed ten beers (four of which are light beers), which isn’t representative of the extremely saturated beer market.

The SR’s Authors favorite Light Beer was Corona Light; However Joey and Jimmy’s favorite was Coors Lite.


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By: Aaron Fishkin


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