Simplify Reality Corona Helpdesk launched to provide COVID-19 information


Have questions about the coronavirus pandemic? Simplify Reality introduces sms helpdesk for COVID-19



Simplify Reality launches a messaging service today to keep people safe from coronavirus.

This easy-to-use messaging app has the ability to touch 1.5 billion people and helps Simplify Reality to immediately bring information into the hands of those who need it.

This messaging service will include the latest news and updates on coronavirus from policy officials to health professionals and family and friends, providing specifics on the symptoms and how people can protect themselves and others. This also includes the latest information and statistics of the situation in real time to help policy decision-makers protect their people’s safety.

Connection to the service is possible by number + 1 323 870 9055. Users may simply type “hello” to trigger the chat which will help answer their COVID-19 questions.

The Simplify Reality Health Alert was developed using machine learning technology.


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