Delivery apps are eating your lunch


Many popular delivery apps are literally eating the profit of every order, leaving crumbs behind for you and your team.   Typically, the restaurant industry operates on slim profit margins at only $.05 for every $1.00 of revenue.

Wouldn’t it be great If there were a FREE way to make online ordering simple for your customers and more profitable for you?

Simplify Reality is a no-cost, easy-to-use ordering system that lets you keep what you earn and puts your menu in the hands of your customers.  With just a few screen taps, orders are coming through and you’re cooking again.

Realizing the importance of restaurants in our economy and culture, Simplify Reality is launching its game-changing online ordering platform by offering restaurants 24-hour on-boarding including uploading menus and creating secure payment gateways.

As background:  Simplify Reality is a software company that cooked up an artificial intelligence platform to help large stadiums and arenas streamline their Food & Beverage ordering process.  Now, given the overwhelming impact of Covid19 on restaurants, our founder Parshant Jain is applying his new technology to quickly help restaurants build a FREE Takeout and Delivery business.  Customers pay a nominal 10 % convenience fee, comparable to other applications, but restaurants pay nothing.

By this time tomorrow, you could have a whole new way to accept orders and deliver more to your bottom line.

View Demo and learn more about it here:  FREE ORDERING SERVICE


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