Digital twins (replica of all in digital formation)

Digital twin- simplifyreality

Digital twins  (replica of all in digital formation) is just a software demonstration of assets and processes in order to attain improved business outcomes that are used to understand, predict, and optimize performance.

During the product development life cycle, precise from the design phase to the deployment phase, organizations can have a absolute digital foot-print of their products and ‘connected digital things’ create data in real time, and helps businesses in enhanced analyze also predict the problems in advance or give untimely warnings, prevent downtime, extend new opportunities and even plan improved products for the future at low costs by using simulations.

Functions of Digital Twins

In general, for monitoring, analyze and improvement in prototypes we use virtual models and, their functions can be divided into three stages:

  • See – all sensors and devices assemble data to picture the situation.
  • Think   the elegant software analyzes collected data and, find all possible solutions, if there are any issues.
  • Do – at this stage, able algorithms choose the most suitable solution and implement them to address the problems.

Concept behind that….

In 2017 it is one of the top strategic technology, Dr. Michael Grieves given the definition of DIGITAL TWINS in 2002 but at that time, it was stiff and pricey to implement the concept and make it available for general use.

But situation was changed in year 2010, with the boost development of IoT, artificial intelligence, Big Data and cloud computing. Main concept behind that is to represent the convergence of physical and virtual world, where each and every product will get their dynamic representation.

All of done just because enhancing the customer services by having a greater impact on delivering, now-a-days widespread attain and convention of the Internet of Things have made the Digital Twins more cost-effective and accessible for the business world.

They consist of three components: a data model, a set of analytics or algorithms, and knowledge.

Why it is beneficial for us

1. Cost Cutting
2. Reduced Time-to-Market
3. Predictive Maintenance

Types of digital twins present in market

1. Product Twins
That models use of separate products also help reduce production expenses and time-to-market, while improving quality.
2. Process Twins
These models suggest manufacturing processes and a virtual production method can create diverse scenarios and show what will happen in unlike situations.
3. System Twins
These are practical models of the entire systems and they assemble massive amounts of operational data formed by devices and products in the system, expand insight and create new business opportunity to optimize all the process.

Applications of Digital Twins

Next big and trending thing in business sector is Digital Twins, which provide help in predicting the current and physical assets in accurate way by analyzing their digital counters, by implementing this you can get better performance result also improve your efficiency.

  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Cities
  • Industrial IoT

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