It’s 2020, Your Venue Still Doesn’t Have Digital Ordering?


A recent survey conducted by the European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA) concluded what anyone who’s been to a live sporting event already knows to be true: The #1 complaint by fans is…. the amount of time spent waiting in concession lines….hence missing out on watching the event.

What you might not have already known, however, is exactly how much food & beverage revenue the venue is missing out on because of these long lines. Of the European Football stadiums surveyed, the average seating capacity is 34,000 with 44 concessions throughout the venue. That means, every concession stand must service 773 fans per game if everyone wants to order something. At an average spend of €5 per fan, the venue has the potential of earning €170,000 from F&B alone per game.

Let’s be realistic though. If concessions are open for a total of 2 hours for the sporting event, each concession would have to service 4 people a minute just to get through everyone. If you’ve ever stood in a concession line, you know that’s not happening. Let’s be generous and say these are the world’s fastest concession stands, taking only 1 minute to serve each fan. At that rate, venues are only realizing 25% of their potential F&B revenue. Because of their bottlenecks, these venues are only seeing €42,500 per game. That could easily be solved with digital ordering technology created by Simplify Reality.

If your venue still doesn’t have digital ordering technology implemented, not only are you failing to maximize the fan experience by eliminating their #1 complaint, but you’re not even giving yourself a fighting chance at maximizing your full F&B revenue potential.

Let Simplify Reality show you how by simply implementing our digital pre-ordering software, you can immediately increase your F&B orders from 20-30%.   Learn more.

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