MORAL MACHINE – Moral Decisions made by Machine Intelligence

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Moral Machine! A platform for gathering a human perspective on moral decisions made by machine intelligence, such as self-driving cars.

With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, issues have arisen about how machines make moral choices, and the significant challenge of quantifying popular perceptions of the ethical principles that should perform machine behaviour.

They implemented the Moral Machine (a excellent human point of view congregation platform on moral choices taken by machine learning) to tackle this challenge.

That platform brought together approximately 40 million choices from millions of individuals in 232 nations and territories in more than ten languages.

Here the experiment results:

  • They are summarizing global moral preferences.
  • Individual report preferences differences based on demographics of the participants
  • Cross-cultural report  variation in ethics, discovering three major clusters of countries.
  • These differences are shown to correlate with modern institutions and profound cultural traits.


Machine intelligence is biased on government highways to self-piloting reusable rockets landing on self-sailing vessels or to take over ever more compound human operations at an ever-increasing rate.

In these roles, the better autonomy given to machine intelligence can lead to situations where they have to create independent choices about human life and limb.

This requires not only transparency as to how people make such decisions, but also how people perceive machine intelligence making such decisions.

The authors set it like this:

“Human drivers who die in crashes cannot report whether they were faced with a dilemma; and human drivers who survived a crash may not have realized they were in a dilemma situation.”

Let’s talk about their imagination

Self-driving vehicles are able to decide where to steer or when to brake using particular AI (which focuses on finishing a tight job).

They are designed to be equipped with a variety of sensors, cameras and lasers for distance measurement that provide data to a central computer. The computer then utilizes the AI to review and make a choice on these inputs.

Although the unsustainable believe that self-driving cars should also be able to draw an ethical conclusion that in an accident situation, even the most moral of human humans would not have time to create. If it was anticipated to do this, a vehicle would have to be programmed with general AI.

General AI is the equivalent of what makes us human. It’s the capacity to talk, enjoy music, discover funny stuff, or create moral judgments. Because of the complexity of human thought and feelings, generating general AI is presently impossible.

If we need independent moral cars, we’re not going to get there for centuries, if ever.


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