Pentagon ‘cloud war’ aws, microsoft, oracle etc.

pentagon cloud war- simplify reality

Pentagon- The Pride of US

The Pentagon is the U.S. Department of Defense headquarters. It’s in Virginia’s Arlington. It has walls of calcareous stone. It’s in a pentagon form. It’s got 7 floors. There are 23,000 working individuals in it.That one of the world’s largest office buildings, but within 7 minutes you can reach any location in the building.
On September 11, 1941, they started building it.Sixty years later, on September 11, 2001, terrorists hit it with an aircraft. One hundred and eighty-nine people were killed in the building.


– It has more than 17 kilometers of hallways
– one of the biggest office structures in the globe
– you can walk from one point to another in just 7 minutes in the Pentagon
– it has 6 distinct ZIP codes.


In an off-camera press briefing, Pentagon spokesperson Col. Robert Manning announces that the department will decrease the cap and breadth of the REAN Cloud deal to $65 million and will only allow USTRANSCOM to use the contract.

IN THE RACE BETWEEN Oracle, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, who owe the Pentagon:

Amazon and Microsoft are the last competitors to compete for a $10 billion cloud services agreement in the Pentagon’s winner-take-all contest, the Defense Department said. Oracle and International Business Machines are eliminated from the announcement. Spokeswoman for the Defense Department Elissa Smith said that for the JEDI project only (AMZN)Amazon and (MSFT)Microsoft met “the minimum criteria.”
Amazon and Microsoft were commonly regarded as front runners in part because they got federal safety clearances at a higher level.

The winnowing of the field came as the Pentagon said it was determined that supposed conflicts of interest did not contaminate the procurement process for the agreement, enabling final selection to move forward, Smith said.

Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM representatives declined to comment. An Amazon representative did not react to a request for comment instantly.

Initially, the Pentagon had said it would choose a winner this month, but, according to Smith, after inquiries and a prolonged legal fight, the agreement will be granted as soon as mid-July.She also disclosed that supposed unethical behavior by a former worker of the Defense Department was referred to the secretary general of the department.

The cloud for Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure — or JEDI, an abbreviation designed to evoke Star Wars imagery — is designed to serve as the main information repository for global military facilities.

In February, the Pentagon reported that it was reviewing fresh data on prospective procurement-related conflicts of interest involving Deap Ubhi, a former employee at a high-level Pentagon technology department.


Oracle lost a legal challenge contesting the terms of the offer and claiming that the Pentagon had created unfair demands and that Amazon involved conflicts of interest.Republican lawmakers took up the cause of Oracle, urging the White House to intervene in the Pentagon project. Oracle coordinated at one stage with at least seven other firms, including Microsoft and SAP America, to attempt to prevent Amazon from winning the entire agreement.

Amazon is at the forefront of a enormous cloud-computing agreement with the Pentagon
The U.S. Department of Defense is still looking for the correct cloud computing business to take over a multi-year, multi-billion agreement to host its huge data collection, including sensitive information.

The upgrade will offer the capacity to make data-driven choices at full velocity to senior officials and army leaders, and most of the large players are running: Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM.
And while some commentators have challenged the JEDI (the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) decision to use a single supplier, authorities are determined that it is the best choice.

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