Supporting Local Communities with AI

Supporting Local

Today’s environment with Covid 19 has drastically changed the way we do business.  No one knows the long-term effects on retail, hospitality, restaurants or grocery stores.  However, what we do know is that these businesses are at the heart of our communities.  With customers’ fears at an unprecedented high, owners, managers and other stakeholders are looking for ways to keep their businesses within or above compliance standards and keep their treasured employees safe.  All eyes are on them as they determine ways to accomplish this, evoke confidence and start to rebuild revenues.

Take small to midsize grocery stores and specialty stores, their concerns include:

  • Keeping their anxious employees safe with social distancing
  • Mitigating risks to customers with long lines or crowded aisles
  • Managing inventory, controlling costs and increasing revenues

Some customers are now forced to drive outside of their own communities to purchase groceries.  They may try services like Instacart but that doesn’t eliminate the number of people at any given time in a store, and actually adds to the number of people in the lines and aisles.

They need a solution that allows for curbside pickup where shoppers can support their communities and order ahead of time from their favorite, local store.

Sound simple?   It is.  Learn more

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